Welcome! I’m Grace Lung

Restoring brokenness in cultural communities to Jesus

I am passionate about helping individuals and faith communities address the difficulties and tensions that Christians experience between cultures, races and generations. This means helping people to become ethnically, culturally and racially competent both in ethnic migrant churches as well as helping Western churches who are seeking to welcome minority ethnicities in their church communities.

How Can I Help?

Begin to explore the issues

Be introduced to the issues – both an encouragement and challenge…a chance to sit back, absorb and have your awareness raised

Deepen your understanding

​Let me help guide you and your faith community with information to reflect on, questions to discuss, and implications to take back and implement in a workshop format.

1-1 Support
Tailored to suit you

​Cultures are diverse, and within cultures themselves there is a wide spectrum of practices and beliefs. Let’s talk individually about your specific context and address the challenges together whether its at an personal or church level.

Places I’ve Served

  • Scripture Union: Culture Week, Fearfully Made
  • Amplify Conference – Multicultural Forum: “Amplify – An African, Chinese and First Australian walk into a Church…”
  • OMF QLD State Conference, Reaching the Nations in a Fallen World
  • Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Multicultural Ministry to the Next Generation
  • Scripture Union Queensland, Harmony Week
  • City Alliance Church, Canberra, Healthy Intercultural and Interracial faith community
  • Malyon Theological College, Church Based Children’s Ministry, Second Generation Issues
  • Morling Theological College: Ministry in a Culturally Diverse Context, Second Generation Issues
  • RICE Melbourne Leader’s Roundtable, Contextualizing the Gospel for Asian Australians
  • Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary: D.Min Melbourne Residency, The Rise of China and its Christian Implications
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries: School of Theology, Culture and Public Engagement, Reaching the Nations in a Broken World
  • Brisbane School of Theology: Contextual Asian Ministry, Asian Australian Christianity
  • New Hope Church: Family Camp, Youth Identity Talks
  • RICE Global Conference, Your Place in a World Where the Future is Asian
  • EEU Chinese Methodist Leaders Conference, Peacemaking in the Asian Church context
  • EFCA Women’s Event, Subtle Asian Female Traits


“Your presentation was just wonderful. It hit the nerve for many of us. Your perceptive wisdom and insights were compelling.”

​”I found the breakdown and progression of topics really helpful to think through and how I can practically apply it in ministry and pastoral situations. The honesty of dealing with the issues of sin, brokenness and healing was really critical and important. Thank you.”

​”Thank you so much for all the work you have done in this field. It articulates so much of what I have been processing since I was a kid.”

Guest Christopher Yuan shares his powerful testimony and journey from living the full gay lifestyle, and eventually discovering Christ. He shares his wisdom on holy sexuality and how we can provide a safer place for those struggling with this issue. Dr. Yuan is a Christian speaker and author on faith and sexuality, and a professor at Moody Bible Institute.
  1. LGBTQ+
  2. Burnout
  3. Workplace
  4. Abuse
  5. First Nations