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Long time no post. Been rather stressed and tired recently.

In the midst of busyness sometimes I feel the need to have control/order, so recently I’ve gone into this ‘organisation phase’ where I feel the need to organise/clean everything. Lots of good ideas from storage catalogues and other helpful youtube clips. I better make the most of this time before it goes away 😛

Please dn’t feel bad when you look at this. Seriously my house is a mess so maybe it’ll come in handy when you feel ‘fed up’ and have some time to procrastinate…maybe you’ll find something that helps you but the photos below work for my home specifically…

My first endeavour was my tops. I just go so sick of running through the house like a mad woman in the mornings and being so rushed that I’d pull everything out of this drawer so I could find the top I want. I did this a month or so now and it still pretty much looks like this happy to say its working for me 🙂

Tops in a set of drawers

Pretty much then the main message I got was ‘if you don’t see it – you won’t wear it’. It’s SO true, such a waste of money. Hardly wear earrings even though I have a number of pairs so my mum gave me this a while ago. It’s a recycled Estee Lauder container with some ice cube trays and plastic divider blu tacked on…

It's all pretty cheap/everyday stuff...wouldn't show you the expensive stuff, not that there's much!
Belts on one side, necklaces on the other
Scarves...hanger thing from Ikea (relatively cheap)

Managed to find this underbed storage for shoes. Pretty expensive though…almost $20 from hot dollar but its so much better than a pile of shoes stuffed in a box

'Occassional shoes'

I find it really hard to manage the paper on my desk – ‘ministry mail’, catalogues, magazines. I don’t want to throw it away cause my husband may not have read it. It seems to take over so I bought some files to organise it all. Doesn’t seem to work so well cause there’s heaps of paper on my desk right now…

from Typo, pretty expensive also but it looks better than yellow manilla folders

It is a bit of $$ but I like to consider it more of an investment. “If you don’t see it – you won’t use it”. Happy organising!

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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