Wildflower Beauty

A few of us girls from church ran a ‘hair and nails’ stall at our church camp carnival night recently. It was one of the highlights of our camp – even though we may not have been  speaking the same language at times, the activities surpassed language barriers as we got to chat with primary school kids, aunties, sisters (and brothers) from our congregation and other congregations. It was a fun night 🙂

Our stall had various demonstration/tutorials on ponytails, braiding, up-styles and hairstick styles. It was also a great opportunity to teach the skills we knew in hair and nails and an opportunity (as the older girls) to teach something of ‘inner beauty’ from the Bible. We made some laminated bookmarks for people to take home and ran a message on a powerpoint slide the whole night.

Our lovely sign

Many beauty gurus on YT tend to have a message of inner beauty as well. Their idea of inner beauty is generally something along the lines of ‘Confidence’ or ‘Character’. Although I appreciate their gesture, this is also empty as the question then becomes – where can you get confidence from? The Bible offers something way better and lasting – please check it out:

Wildflower Beauty Presentation

Hope this message encourages you not to put your hope in outer beauty that fades away, but the gentle and quiet spirit of inner beauty that does not fade – Carolyn Mahaney puts it well when she describes it as “a steadfast peace because of a steadfast trust in God”

I also happened to have some freebies from jcluforever.com. Something happenedwith my order so I ended up with the wrong shirt. After a long process, they gave me the incorrect shirt for free and threw in a free bracelet which we gave away in a raffle. Although the order was stuffed up, the staff were helpful and genuinely sorry – they will be putting on more people in future. I encourage you to check out their line, lots of cute clothes with thoughtful messages 🙂

If you’d like to keep practising the styles that I demo’ed on the night, here are the links to various videos (for my ones) to keep practising!

Japanese Kanzashi (Hairstick) – I got mine from Ruri (the girl in the video), she has an Etsy store. She hand-makes a beautiful selection of Kanzashi and other jewelry. It is a little expensive since she uses Swarovski crystals but it’s so pretty and well-made. She was also very easy to deal with 🙂

These were the ones from Mrs L:


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