Live Below The Line

Chris and I decided to do this thing called ‘Live Below The Line’. Basically we live on $2 a  day for 5 days to raise awareness of Extreme Poverty and to raise funds for anti-poverty intiatives through the Oaktree Foundation.

As a Christian I think Jesus was concerned for both the gospel and social justice together.We can tell since he was so concerned for children as well as widows and orphans. Faith and Action right? So this is how I’m trying to work out my belief in practice.

Aiya! Seriously though $2 is not much. Feeling rather nervous about it…we had a brainstorm of what we could eat and drink. We will probably not get much meat. Lots of carbs, chinese vegies and fruit since they’re pretty cheap. If we get more people together we can buy in bulk!

No more office biscuits, fancy asian teas, chocolate, or asian junk food…and trips to the vending machine! I’ll miss Yeo’s Wintermelon Tea from the work vending machine…and its cold too so it may be hard to control what I eat.

Asian junk food! My weakness...

Hopefully you could consider getting involved either by working out how you will apply Jesus’s concern for the poor either by joining this initiative or deciding on your own.

For more info, please check out or

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

One thought on “Live Below The Line

  1. The website suggest buy $10 worth at the beginning of the week and work your way from that.

    Hit Flemington markets and have fruit for the week 😛

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