Doing Good…Overwhelmed by Good Causes, Charities, Mission…

So its nearing Christmas and if you’re in the Christian circles like me, you’ll be getting quite a bit of mail from both Christian and secular charities encouraging you to give to Christmas things, help out those less fortunate at Christmas. On top of this, perhaps you receive the newsletter of some missionaries too, orContinue reading “Doing Good…Overwhelmed by Good Causes, Charities, Mission…”

FWP, Guilt and Ministry

I’m noticing a lot of ‘First World Problem’ kinds of videos and media lately. There’s the ‘First World Problems Anthem’  where Haitians are reading out people’s First World Problems and recently Ryan Niga also put one together. What I particularly noted was the way it motivates people to change. What’s undeniable is that yes, thereContinue reading “FWP, Guilt and Ministry”