Live Below the Line – preparation and shopping

So with only a couple of days to go, we had a good think and did all our shopping.

Initially we received a lot of great advice from friends and family on where to get the cheapest groceries (without dumpster diving). Unfortunately as my brother in law pointed out, we would have to do like a round trip of Sydney (Paddy’s, Hurstville, Eastwood…etc). That we’d be spending more money on petrol just to go and buy one item for $1. Probably not what Live Below the Line had in mind.

We followed my mother in law’s advice and went to Paddy’s before closing to get our fruit and veg. It’s pretty cheap. Here’s what we got:

1 kg Cameo Apple - $1.10, 1 kg Other Apple - $1.50, 1 kg Sweet Potato - $2
1 Wombok - $2, 1 kg Carrots - $1

Straight afterwards we met up with our friends for a farewell at this Uighur restaurant to eat a whole lamb – well we didn’t have enough people so it ended up being 5/9ths…felt a bit wrong..

Chris is extremely clean with his bones

Very tasty and well cooked I must say. Thankfully we had some salad and bread to even things out.

Today we completed the rest of our shopping and here’s what we’ve got:

We are not endorsed by Coles!

We will be splitting the oats, sugar, salt with other members of our team.

The groceries were:

– 1kg Long Grain Rice x 2 = $3 (on special)

– 1Kg frozen vegetables = $1.59

– 900g Rolled Oats = $1.19 (split by 2 = $0.6)

– 1L Full Cream milk = $1.08

– 1 dozen large eggs = $2.71

– 500g salt = $0.79 (split by 4 = $0.4 for both of us)

– 1kg Raw Sugar = $1.09 (split by 4 = $0.275)

So after the calculations we have about $1.47 left which we will use about Wednesday when its getting difficult . Can probably buy a couple packs of Mee Goreng…?

In other prep, we’ll be removing all temptation so moving the below to the laundry so we can’t see it.

Junk food! my weakness
This will be replaced by salt and sugar

I am feeling a little nervous about how we’ll go, although our confidence has lifted a bit since the previous blog

Thanks for everyone who have given us so much support so far and interesting advice! Can’t do this without you guys 🙂

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

One thought on “Live Below the Line – preparation and shopping

  1. I think we should spend $1 of remaining money on fried dace and black beans (dou see leng yu). That is all 🙂

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