Current Reads

Ok holiday time so I thought I might share with you some of the stuff I’m reading for leisure that I’ll try to get through in the break. I guess its not that current, just last month or so:

I decided to take Ying’s advice and read up on mentors that can be found in the pages of history. I stumbled across this book and have been finding it inspiring and encouraging. Its a pretty easy read too, still getting through it. But best of all, has the whole thing downloadable FOR FREE 🙂

Noel Piper's 'Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God'

Next, some light reading. Finally got my hands on the 2012 IKEA catalogue, just love browsing the different designs even if I’m not going to buy anything soon:

Yes I also like browsing asian magazines. I don’t buy them that often – I don’t usually by ‘Ray’ either as its too youthy for me but I saw SNSD on the cover which sparked my interest; its also a really motivating way for me to practise my (traditional) chinese – I get the non-Japanese/international chinese ver 🙂 when I used to learn Japanese I’d get the japanese version

And finally:

Growing Healthy Asian American Churches

I find these kind of books super interesting as the Americans have had many more years to figure out the whole ABC thing so there’s lots to learn from them. Of course, there’s many differences as well so just have to keep that in mind when reading.

And of course, there’s the Bible! I’m currently finding the HCSB (Holman) quite helpful. My husband bought it many years ago before it was getting popular by mistake haha. Before I was using The Message which also had its good points. But yes for study I’ll still use NIV or ESV. Just nice to keep things a bit fresh when you use a version you’re not as familiar with.

What are you reading? any thoughts on the books above?


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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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