The Mahjong Scene and Hope for the Chinese Church

(major spoilers) Many of you, by now, have watched the Crazy Rich Asians movie and witnessed the brilliantly composed and executed Mahjong scene where Rachel confronts Eleanor over her relationship with Nick. If you haven’t read the full explanation of that scene, please do so here. This scene is especially crucial because it is theContinue reading “The Mahjong Scene and Hope for the Chinese Church”

CRA Feels and Representation

“The first studio film that puts an Asian-American story at its center, is making people unexpectedly cry….it provided something very specific they didn’t even realize they were longing for until they saw it.” – Huffpost, 22/8 Quite a number of people have experienced strong emotions from this movie. For some people, it was the endingContinue reading “CRA Feels and Representation”

How to break your K-addiction (Part 2)

In my last post, we talked about how we can know whether we are addicted to all things Hallyu and the similarities it actually has to substance abuse. Today we talk about some practical things we as Christians can do to break free from it. I’m talking to my sister and psychologist to get herContinue reading “How to break your K-addiction (Part 2)”

Working in a man’s world

EDIT: I wrote this in the middle of the year as some quick thoughts. It’s obviously not so much on my mind now seeing I’m most likely stepping down from my role next year. But I thought I would still publish it and hear your thoughts! Paid female pastoral staff in an Asian church hereContinue reading “Working in a man’s world”

Meet and Greet – MC Jin

As some of you may know, Chris & I recently had the opportunity to meet MC Jin. It was pretty random actually – Chris stumbled upon this ‘Asians in Brisbane’ page on FB and found out that Jin was coming to do a show for a nightclub opening. We also saw that they were sellingContinue reading “Meet and Greet – MC Jin”