Holidays – Cruising the South Pacific

Thank God for the great sleep since the last post!

Just got back from a cruise to the South Pacific. We couldn’t quite afford Europe so we decided the ‘France of the South Pacific’ – New Caledonia 😛 My parents are so into cruises right now so their influence.

View from top deck at Barangaroo
Bye Sydney! such a great feeling at this point waving bye to work and all haha

To follow on from the last post, I slept SO well for the entire trip. Amazing!! Even when I was feeling sea sick towards the end, and our room was at the ‘bumpiest’ area of the ship, still slept really well EVERY NIGHT. It’s probably the gentle (or at time not so gentle) rocking. Maybe I should sleep in a hammock or water bed in future.

We did P&O aboard the Pacific Sun. It’s kind of a 3.5-4 star experience. The food and service was much better than I expected. The three ports (Noumea – Mystery Island (Vanuatu) – Isle of Pines) were beautiful. 3 days in I realised I hadn’t thought of work for 3 days. Amazing. Shows were very good also. Good value for money trip.

Just one of the many beaches
One of the restaurants menu (price incl. in the package)
One of our almost daily towel animals

At the same time it is an older ship so some of the decor was not to my taste, and we both agreed that it would have been good if we were there with friends it can get a bit boring.

Our ship taken from the beach

I brought a book by Piper I’ve been going through and also some readings for college. Being surrounded by such beautiful weather, scenery and nature and being on holidays I realised I was starting to enjoy creation without God. Which brought into mind Romans where we tend to worship creation without the Creator. So sad. Once I started contemplating God it heightened the experience to another level. Very thankful for the rebuke.

We heard the news about the Italian luxury liner while onboard our cruise – so it jolted us a little bit. Also a reminder not to take things for granted but being thankful to God.

Another great reminder to not forget God was the church service we had on board. Although it was disapointing we didn’t open the Bible and it was pretty ‘fluffy’, we had a good time singing Amazing Grace (and Kumbaya) LOL. Out of almost 2000 people on board, there we like 10 ppl in attendance – we were by far the youngest. Was great to pray together even though it was old style English. There was a couple who were Bible Translators from Wycliffe!

Prayers from the service

This was an important holiday to relax and re-charge for the new year so that we can continue serving well. Besides bringing home a tan, ready to get into gear again!

Btw – I tried the pillow mist (before and after I left). First time I don’t think I sprayed enough so didn’t really work. Second time I made sure I was ‘breathing it in’ a bit and it seemed to work well 🙂 Will update on progress.

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