Holidaying without kids! My experience

So recently we took a holiday without Naomi! I’m such a worrier, so leading up to it, it was completely nerve-wracking!! But we had a fun time and I’m sure Naomi did too. Hope this posts helps you if you’re thinking about it too. So my twin sister who lives in the States was dueContinue reading “Holidaying without kids! My experience”

Pregnancy: Third Trimester + Birth

Naomi has arrived! 😀 Even though this post is super late, I thought I might just do it for the sake of completeness. The third trimester continued to run smoothly, besides walking heaps slower and being way more tired and feeling really stretched in my belly. I developed stretch marks too. But this is prettyContinue reading “Pregnancy: Third Trimester + Birth”

Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester

Hi Everyone! Thankfully most of the fears since last update have been subsided. Here are some answers to common questions I’ve been asked so far: God’s Provision! Information / Support: I’ve been very well provided for! Picked up a couple of books and there are a few sites I can rely on for information (E.g.Continue reading “Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester”