Houseparty in Sydney

Really privileged to have headed back to Sydney with my husband to speak at his home church’s youth camp (houseparty).


It’s funny going as the guests. I’m so used to being really hands on with the youth but because we didn’t really know any I found it harder to get involved with them. Also I found it automatic to want to help out since we used to be leaders at this youth group but the youth leaders were more than capable. I guess its very different to being a youth leader. We had a great time – I’ve never seen so many warm and fuzzies before…100 of them! Amazingly I slept really well at the camp. Thank God! hasn’t happened for ages…

On the way back our car broke down on the main road in the mountains. Thankfully the Pastor drove passed and stopped and stayed with us 🙂 After waiting a while for the NRMA we found out we couldn’t drive the car any further as the wires from the cigarette thingy and everything behind that was burning/melting. Thankfully no-one was hurt and we didn’t brake down at night. It’s also one of those times I’m thankful I didn’t need to go to the toilet.

The melted/exposed wiring

We got a lift from the NRMA man to take the train home from the mountains. Unfortunately we saw the train leave so we had to wait quite a bit. It was good though we played monopoly deal and just reflected on the camp together. A delicious dinner of sharks fin soup, abalone and creme caramel was waiting for us!

On the train 🙂
So good after a long day

Was also great to catch up with some friends and family before heading back up to Brisbane. It felt so normal to be in Sydney, yet no place to call home. Oh well, I guess both feel like home now 🙂

Now back to work!

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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