Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester

Hi Everyone!

Thankfully most of the fears since last update have been subsided. Here are some answers to common questions I’ve been asked so far:

God’s Provision!

  • Information / Support: I’ve been very well provided for! Picked up a couple of books and there are a few sites I can rely on for information (E.g. Babycenter and FB groups).
  • Baby Stuff: We have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of others. I initially assumed that most friends my age would want to keep their baby stuff for subsequent children but we still have half a nursery full of stuff that’s just accumulating! We don’t need anymore clothes that’s for sure. We’ve hardly spent a cent.
  • Where will you be giving birth? Logan Hospital. I know it doesn’t have the best rep, but so far the care there has been excellent, I feel fully informed and supported (I really have nowhere to compare to haha). It helps my time is so flexible so my appointments can almost be anytime. I wish they would finish their hospital upgrade soon and stop relying on snail mail for all communication…
  • Husband: has been awesome 🙂 really helpful! The great thing about having a pastor as a husband is his time is so flexible so he’s been able to share all the major ultrasound/visits with me on the spot. He’s come to one antenatal session and he’s extra helpful (he already did a lot) around the house, esp. lifting.

How Do You Feel?

At 22 weeks
At 22 weeks
  • Feeling Great Physically! 2nd trimester is the best. No major symptoms, sleeping quite well
  • Diet: Initially, I was told that I’m just under the average in terms of weight-gain (though the baby’s weight was fine). Thankfully, I’m now ‘average’ for my BMI and I’m gaining weight steadily and well. I miss eating summer fruits which should be avoided (from Chinese perspective) like pineapple, lychee, mangoes and watermelon, though a little bit hasn’t hurt. I also miss eating Chilli food. And it was kinda sad not being able to eat Sashimi at our anniversary dinner but there were plenty of other yummy choices. I am eating more and feeling hungry more often. Cravings-wise, it’s pretty one-off/random. I’ve had one-off cravings for Indian Curry, sponge cake…but the most noticeable change is my aversion to noodle soups which used to be my go-to menu item!
  • Baby is quite active (esp. when I want to sleep!) but its exciting to feel and it’s becoming more real now that I can feel movements and I’m showing more obviously (finally!)
  • Heat: I guess that’s the downside of having 3rd trimester in summer. I’ll be at my biggest, so I have to buy more maternity clothes / underwear than I anticipated cause a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes were fitted, so I can’t wear them anymore. It’s way too hot and humid to wear the bellyband with them. We only have air-con in our bedroom, so the rest of the house gets a little unpleasant. At least its post-Christmas sales now! Definitely the best place for these clothes so far has been ASOS.
  • Clothes: I guess one upside is that I feel like I fit clothes better now that I’m no longer flat (haha.) If you’re interested, see below for my Pinterest board. One thing I’ve found difficult is to maintain the level of modesty I would have pre-pregnancy. It was hard enough finding bottoms that weren’t too short but now its even harder with less stores to choose from. I dunno. Pregnant ladies seem to get away with it more though…??


Next Trimester:

  • I’ve heard it only goes downhill. Yay! I guess I’m just learning to take it as it comes and enjoy the process while I can. My aches have slowly started to increase, but mainly towards bedtime. It’s becoming pretty hard to turn in bed.
  • Exercise! Just trying to do as much pelvic floor exercises / cardio as I can…want to recover quickly after birth and avoid incontinence…ugh. Fun times ahead.
  • Summer! Hot and sticky and more weight. Yay!
  • Reading up more on Parenting now, so much info to take in. Got a hold of Paul Tripp’s ‘Getting to the Heart of Parenting’ which has been a great help so far.

Having the first baby in our congregation can be nice, we’re all learning together and everyone seems excited at the newness of it all (even though I have to repeat myself a lot).

Oh and lastly, yes we have a name – but you guys will find out after birth 🙂 Thanks to everyone for your love and support!

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