Live Below the Line – Day 2

Woke up feeling a little drained…

Breakfast – Sweet Potato. Never tasted so good. Was in a rush so I didn’t eat the hardboiled egg and took it to work.

Morning Tea: Carrot Sticks. Yesterday I had a lot of sugar cravings so decided to save the apple for arvo tea. Weird aftertaste was there. Tried to shove some down so I could get some nutrients.

Lunch: Drove out to Woolies to get some butter with our remaining $1.47. Just couldn’t take that bland flavour again with the frozen vegies. I didn’t boil the vegies this time since it tends to take out any nutrients and thought I’d microwave it with the butter. Ran into some issues. I was distracted by this on special $1 40g of ham and was contemplating getting that instead cause I just hadn’t tasted meat/saltiness and was kinda craving it. I pondered on this for some time and ended up getting the butter. But knowing that after getting the butter we have no chance of getting anything else…that was a hard decision.

On the way back I realised I forgot to bring the frozen vegies to work!! so I had to have the plain white rice and the hard boiled egg. Can’t believe it. Anyway, thankfully it seemed much easier to eat than yesterday’s lunch. Egg never tasted so good.

Arvo Tea: Had the apple. Apple’s are so yummy, it was so good to get some sugar flavour!!

Dinner: Congee again. I had it with the vegies I forgot. Buttered and salted them. Tasted better but still…not what I’d call delicious.

The cravings are still there. Today I was thinking about roast chicken, chips, cake…they had Australia’s biggest morning tea posters up so I was thinking about that. It’s so cold in the office and at home these last few days and the lack of good food makes it harder. I think my extremities didn’t ever get warm today – fingers and toes are freezing!


– Butter vs. Ham: It was such a difficult decision knowing that I was really down to the last bit of money. If I had ham then I would be happy for maybe 1-2 days but the frozen vegies would still taste awful. I decided for the long term option instead of making the vegies taste better. But what if it was a choice between food and medicine? How would I choose? It would be a decision many people would have to make who live below the poverty line.

– No Choice: when I forgot the vegies it took some time to accept that I would only eat plain white rice with an egg. What else was there to do? I tried to eat small bites of the egg to make it last longer.

Feeling better tonight physically. I guess I knew what to expect today. The husband seems to be taking it harder than yesterday…

Will keep persevering! Thanks for those who talk to me during the day and encourage me. A few words really makes a difference and helps me to get through knowing that I have your support 🙂

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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