Live Below the Line – Day 3

Today I found out someone else at my work (different location) was also doing this challenge! It was good to know I wasn’t alone 🙂 We had a brief but encouraging chat

Breakfast – Piping hot sweet potato

Morning Tea – rest of weird aftertaste carrot and half the egg with salt

Lunch – other half of egg, roasted carrot, frozen veg and rice made by my husband. It was surprisingly easier to get down with the butter and salt 🙂 Egg is definitely the best part.

Afternoon Tea: the HIGHLIGHT of my day at 3:30…eating the apple yay sugar taste! It’s big for an apple so keeps me full for a couple of hours. I wasn’t at my usual office today. The department in which I was sitting was having their regular catch up (I think someone was leaving or something) and they had cake. My colleague was kind enough to ask me whether I wanted some but then remembered I was on this challenge! hehe I do appreciate being invited don’t worry as long as I didn’t see it.

Actually since I’ve been having an apple a day that’s more healthy than what I used to have: salada, cheese flavoured crackers, arnott’s biscuits. So I think I will try to keep this up after it’s over. Also I used to be really picky with apple since I liked it peeled (to get rid of blemishes) but now I don’t care as much anymore.

You know sometimes you have a funny taste in your mouth…I had that this arvo…it was kind of a taste but it was a ‘nothing’ taste. Slightly bitter. Would have liked some gum to get rid of it.

Dinner – Rice porridge again with wombok and salt.

We then started getting to work preparing the next day or so’s food:

Hard Boiled Eggs yum protein
Prepped our last carrot and sweet potato to bake...lessens the weird aftertaste

I’m really thankful to leave work to a warm car, warm home and to have some nice distractions during the day to get my mind off food (work, net, music). My husband heard of some guys doing $2 for EVERYTHING so they were sleeping at Central station! My first reaction was WOW extreme! but then that’s the reality for heaps of people.

It’s changed the way I say grace before eating a meal. I think now I really feel more thankful than I was before and remember those who aren’t as fortunate. Hopefully those reflections won’t just be temporary.

Well, thanks for reading, why not take a minute again to think and/or pray for those who live below the line all the time?

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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