Live Below the Line – Day 5

Wow its the last day already!

The usual:

– Breakfast: the last sweet potato. Packed lunch to eat at Bible college as we had material to prepare (I currently have Fridays off).

My husband learnt this blowing technique to get the egg out of the shell
The worst bento boxes ever...?

– Lunch: Now I know how my husband feels! The wonderful smell of a kitchen…people were having beef nachos, and RIBS! We sat with them with our plain rice with frozen veg, roasted carrot and egg. Couldn’t help staring at my friends ribs as we chatted through lunch.

– Arvo Tea: Apple. Not as nice as the others. I remember this apple from the markets. I stood at the stand – it took me a while to pick out the nicer ones, the majority were like blemished or seriously bruise/rotten that leaked the brown apple juice onto the other apples. Hard not to think about that as I ate mine.

– Dinner: Butter fried rice with wombok again

We’re surprised how well our bodies have adjusted to this week’s diet. My husband came back pretty good after tennis so I was contemplating going to gym today but slept in after poor sleep last night. Wednesday, Thursday and woke up alright and got through the day normally. So physically its been good. I haven’t weighed myself yet see if I lost any weight…I think my husband has lost some weight! 😛

Mentally though, I am still geared to want flavoursome food and think about food the way I always have . Today I walked through a supermarket again but this time I was accompanying my sister grocery shopping. So many tempting things! We eventually got out and I sat down to eat my apple for afternoon tea. Stopped on the way to the car to get some delicious bread from an Asian Bakery for breakfast tomorrow to celebrate:

Delicious food...$3.5 altogether, 1.5 days worth...

I think it was the first time I opened my wallet to get money this week. Struck me how easy it was. For many, to get $3.5 just for breakfast (or a snack), especially after I’ve been thinking about how to best optimise my $2 a day and make it as filling and nutritious as possible and my episode with buying the butter earlier. Seems almost wasteful and luxurious to have this tomorrow…

Thanks for reading all my blog posts and your comments. It’s been great to help raise awareness for extreme poverty. There’s still time to play your part! I realise I forgot to put details on how to sponsor me on these posts! Click here to make a secure online donation. I’m going to post up one final one after today so you can look out for that.

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