Live Below the Line – Day 4

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging or sponsored me! Every dollar counts, whether big or small. I feel like its a group effort, my job is to eat differently, some people cheer me on, others contribute financially (hmm…its like mission).

I surpassed my goal ages ago…I don’t know, I thought this would be like those readathon or World Vision 40 hr famine where people sponsor each other really small amounts like $1 or something. Lol I guess I’m not in school anymore… although my husband is way surpassing me due to his huge friends list, I’m really happy where we’re at in the ‘amazing rice’ meter!

Breakfast: Nutritious Sweet Potato

Morning Tea: Hard boiled egg with salt

Lunch: Forgot the butter. Oh well, plain rice and frozen veg with roasted carrot

Arvo Tea: the apple!

Someone got catering and had heaps of leftover at the office today. I was having a meeting when the other attendees decided to bring a plate of it in during our discussion. So distracting…after that meeting I started to notice the other food that I’ve been trying avoid eye contact with:

Platters of leftover food...cake, quiche, arancini balls?
The salada, arnotts and cheese flavoured biscuits

Dinner: Husband made wombok fried rice (fried with butter). Not bad, good to get some flavour but felt pretty oily…

Butter fried wombok rice

Really feel like some dessert right now. We have about 2 tubs of gelato and one tub of premium ice-cream in the freezer and some frozen sticky date pudding. Normally I’d be at the gym tonight but don’t think its a good idea. My husband however and a friend both on Live Below the Line is playing tennis tonight. Hope they don’t pass out…


– Thank God for flavour and variety!

– Definitely learning some lessons in thankfulness and regret for being so picky

– Read Psalm 82 last night and reminded of God’s concern for those in need. “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” (Ps 82:3-4). God cares so as Christians we should care a lot too. People are doing Live Below the Line for a whole bunch of reasons. Whatever reason, in the end those who really need help get it so that’s great 🙂

1 more day! and I was getting used to this…

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