Blog Writers Block

Hey Guys,

Sorry to make people wait for another post. I’ve been having a kind of ‘writers’ block’ for blog writing. Personally I’m kinda scared of controversy and probably have an unhealthy anxiety to please people! So it takes ages for me to be cautious about what I write!

Catching up for discipleship over a Green Tea Chai (?) Latte

Usually I get this ‘moment’ (mostly really late at night when I have insomnia) of ideas to blog. Sometimes I remember to write them down. But later when I revisit them, they don’t seem so exciting anymore! So there’s half a dozen draft posts where I ran out of excitement LOL.

Things have been busier lately though – this semester I’m doing a 75% load which has been super interesting and fun but meant that I’m constantly on a stream of assessments. It’s been 7 months already here in Brissy! Church is going great and lots of interesting things going on there too. But don’t worry, we’ve tried our best to take our days off and I’ve been trying to gym regularly, watching dramas and eating nice food. I’ve also been slowly decorating our home to make it feel cosy and I’ve been able to read lots of great Christian books.

Perhaps you could help me with the content for this blog! I know I have a range of readers from smart bible college educated people (you guys are scary) to like, my family so not sure what content you’d be interested in! There are a few areas that I have interest in which I’ll list here:

Otherwise, feel free to drop a comment below about what you’d like to hear about. I dunno, maybe you want to know my gym routine or what k-dramas I’m watching?? Haha who knows 😛

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I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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