Working in a man’s world

EDIT: I wrote this in the middle of the year as some quick thoughts. It’s obviously not so much on my mind now seeing I’m most likely stepping down from my role next year. But I thought I would still publish it and hear your thoughts! Paid female pastoral staff in an Asian church hereContinue reading “Working in a man’s world”

Quick Update: Work in Progress

Hi Readers! I know its been a bit quiet since my last post. I am working on something, but it is a complicated topic so I’m figuring out how to make it work while doing the research. Hint: It’s always kinda controversial writing about this kind of topic so it takes extra effort. Other thanContinue reading “Quick Update: Work in Progress”

Christians in Media – Korea

So its holidays and I’m starting a series more based on my interest in Asian pop-culture. I admit it is partially an excuse to indulge in my interest in it 😛 As Christians, although we are forgiven and have the Spirit, it is still difficult to live boldly and be great witnesses for Christ inContinue reading “Christians in Media – Korea”

Doing Good…Overwhelmed by Good Causes, Charities, Mission…

So its nearing Christmas and if you’re in the Christian circles like me, you’ll be getting quite a bit of mail from both Christian and secular charities encouraging you to give to Christmas things, help out those less fortunate at Christmas. On top of this, perhaps you receive the newsletter of some missionaries too, orContinue reading “Doing Good…Overwhelmed by Good Causes, Charities, Mission…”