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Recently in my previous post, our original idea was to put helpful blogs on the reverse side of those cards we made – so that people that visited our stall could go to, to keep learning about what it means to be a godly woman, valuing beauty that is precious in God’s sight. We didn’t have time for that so it was suggested that I blog about this. I’m sure people post helpful articles now and again on FB – the below are just useful ones to go to regularly.

Although I don’t visit all these sites frequently, they have been recommended to me by other godly women and I go to them now and again, particularly when I need some advice for myself or others.

Girls Gone Wise – Spiritual Smarts for Womanhood, Life and Love (Mary Kassian)

Mary Kassian wrote a book by the same name (which is in our BCAC library!). Recent posts address sex, complementarity, fifty shades of grey and many other topics.

A quick snippet: “The Lord wants Christians to experience great sex. He doesn’t want us to settle for impure—dirty, common, ordinary—sex. He wants our sexual conduct to become more and more pure, that is: clean, uncommon, and extraordinary, set apart (1 Thess. 4:1-8). Scripture tells us that we do with our bodies is important. Sex exists for the purpose of glorifying God.”

Girl Talk – Conversations on Biblical Womanhood and other fun stuff (Carolyn Mahaney + adult daughters)

“When one of us asks a question, the other two jump in with our opinions—both at the same time. But in the end, we quiet down and listen to what Mom has to say. Think of this site as your seat at Mom’s kitchen table.” They blog about family, motherhood, home-making, marriage, as well as dating and relationships.

Recent posts include: a recipe for crusty bread, pregnancy updates, childrens’ Christmas calendars as well as a series on social media vs. God’s word.

A quick snippet: “I know it’s easy to knock Twitter or Pinterest. Low hanging fruit. But it is much harder to steward these technological blessings appropriately. And in
many ways, that is what the Internet and social media are–evidences of
God’s kindness and common grace to mankind.”

Practical Theology for Women (Wendy Alsup)

A relatively more personal blog, with the same title after a book she’s written, Wendy Alsup writes and critiques various issues in ministry, theology and women. A slightly more academic viewpoint. I’d recommend it more for older lay leaders, college students etc.

A quick snippet: “…I am moved by thinking of Christ’s profound love for His Bride as I watch the interplay of love and submission in my home. These are precious doctrines to me. But too often, I watch these ideas misused and misapplied by complementarians in ways that make my concerns about egalitarians pale in comparison.”

Radical Womanhood – Because Being a Biblical Woman in a Modern World is a Radical Act (Carolyn McCulley)

Again, with the same title as a book she’s written – Carolyn McCulley provides a lot of helpful insights into topics such as singleness, work, success and many other topics.

A quick snippet: “As I research my current book project on women, work, and the gospel, I’m struck by how little we discuss some of the most obvious passages about women’s work in the Bible.”

You might notice that they’re all from U.S. There are some Australian ones out there – but I can’t think of their names. I’ve also purposely left out ones directed towards pastors wives and ones written in a more academic style ones E.g., CBMW…but I also visit them from time to time. There’s also not really many by Asians out there. Here is one by an Asian American group I browse from time to time:

Inheritance Magazine

An online mag, written by a group of Asian Americans. I find it interesting to see issues spoken of in a distinctly Asian-Western flavour (even though it is American). Although they don’t address them directly, issues like relationships, parental expectations are mentioned in the context of Christian life, faith and culture.

A quick snippet: “But then we may hit a point after education ends (these days reaching up to even the early 30s) where all of a sudden, this new identity becomes an issue. And that issue becomes a stigma. There’s stigma from the parents, because the next thing on their list after a job is marriage. And then there’s some stigma from the church because starting a Christ-centered family now falls on us.”

Sometimes you might not have the older Christian person to look out for you or to answer questions about life and stuff. Thankfully in this electronic age, God provides plenty of resources online, though it is difficult to filter out. I’m sure you’ll find His wisdom shown in these blogs inspiring us as they point us to Jesus.

P.S. Know any that are helpful for you but not mentioned? Comment below!

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