Helpful Resources – Books for Christian women and girls

A quick one this week! Here’s the top few ‘Christian Living’ books I recommend for reading small group/partners. Reading a book together is great, we usually read a couple of chapters together beforehand and share/pray when we meet. I find it also levels things and avoids a teacher-student kind of setup. It’s one where we learn together from a wiser person who’s been in the Christian walk for longer.

Disciplines of a Godly Woman – Barbara Hughes

Such a popular book now, the go-to book for me in the last few years. Such a helpful book for a wise and godly woman! It’s so helpful to learn from her experiences as we often don’t have older mentors women who care share this with us in real life. As a younger Christian, It helped me see that living a Christian life does require some discipline and training! She does this in such a gracious, encouraging and supportive way though which is lovely.

A quick snippet: “In a sense, Paul is saying ‘gymnasticize yourself for the purpose of godliness.’ He’s calling for a spiritual workout.”

Becoming God’s True Woman – Nancy Leigh DeMoss (eds.)

Recently started using this more as its a bit shorter/quicker and covers similar material as Disciplines. The contributors are pretty impressive and you get to draw from their collective wisdom: Mary Kassian, Carolyn Mahaney, Barbara Hughes as well as Nancy Leigh DeMoss and others.

A quick snippet: “Can you imagine? If you are in a relationship with God, the immense, full force of the Father’s love for his Son is directed toward you!”


Feminine Appeal – Carolyn Mahaney

Such an encouraging book for me as a married woman. Based on Titus 2 and a set of talks by her, Carolyn Mahaney really encourages and challenges married women to take seriously their responsibility to be growing and teaching younger women to grow in godliness.

A quick snippet: “For many husbands, ‘great sex’ would top their list! They would happily do without the gourmet meals and immaculate home if it meant we saved our energy for sex…”


Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? Carolyn McCulley

I’m trying to read through this now. A really helpful book written primarily for single women. She challenges and encourages single women to see singleness as a gift from God and not a burden, allowing them to have meaningful roles in the church body. I thought this would also help me know how to better minster to the single women in the congregation, something I find a bit hard.

A quick snippet: “So the infamous question about why we’re not married is the wrong question to ask. It implies lack. But our heavenly Father has said He withholds no good thing from His children (Ps. 84:11; Matt. 7:11). The better question to ask ourselves is: What is God doing with and through my singleness?

It’s getting pretty busy over here! Both sets of parents visiting within 2 weeks and the last rush of assignments before semester ends! All students, hang in there for a couple more weeks!!

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not a salesperson for Crossway books. These are the ones I’ve got now – what have you read which is also helpful?

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