Getting geared for the year

Thanks God for help in the grayer days – and yes it’s also very wet in Brissy

After a couple of days rest we’ve jumped straight back into work and its been super busy! Hardly had any time to collect thoughts on 2012 before needing to do 2013 stuff. Not good. Fortunately I was able to take some good time out to pray and things.

We’re basically getting prepped for conferences (next week), Chris has another one the week after. A tree fell down while we were away so some house stuff to deal with, and gearing up for a couple of changes we’ve been working on with our team for church. Its a very ‘task/admin’ oriented time too so we don’t have much time to actually meet and talk with people.

When we feel overwhelmed its such a great reminder that God’s in control of it all. It drives me back to pray to him and leave people and tasks to Him. Thankfully He’s already taking care of it – its His work after all. It’s amazing how the week has not been as bad as I imagined. With weeks like this, I’m thankful God has put me in a place where I’m passionate about working in.

I’m sure your pastors and leaders could do with a bit of prayer as the year kicks in! Talk to you guys soon!

Published by gracelung

I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

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