Working in a man’s world

EDIT: I wrote this in the middle of the year as some quick thoughts. It’s obviously not so much on my mind now seeing I’m most likely stepping down from my role next year. But I thought I would still publish it and hear your thoughts! Paid female pastoral staff in an Asian church hereContinue reading “Working in a man’s world”

Ways to stay sane in ministry

It’s been pretty much 1 year since I started as a PT Pastoral Worker. Despite what I’m going to say below, I’m thankful to God for this role. It may seem surprising, but even in ministry there are good days but there are also bad days. Like any work we do – there are joysContinue reading “Ways to stay sane in ministry”

Getting geared for the year

After a couple of days rest we’ve jumped straight back into work and its been super busy! Hardly had any time to collect thoughts on 2012 before needing to do 2013 stuff. Not good. Fortunately I was able to take some good time out to pray and things. We’re basically getting prepped for conferences (nextContinue reading “Getting geared for the year”

Guilt, AA Ministry & Grace (Pt 3)

This small discussion on Guilt and Grace has particularly resonated with me as an Asian Australian. I think its really crucial when we’re ministering not only in our churches, but particularly Asian Australian churches (see the previous posts here and here). There are a couple of reasons: 1. Most of us in these Asian AustralianContinue reading “Guilt, AA Ministry & Grace (Pt 3)”