LBL Day 3

From memory Day 3 is much easier and yes it was!

Today we decided to not waste anything and make congee from the boiled chicken water, leftover rice from previous meals then add our daily egg and frozen vegies: “鍋蛋什菜粥”? feel free to correct me on that…

Combine leftover rice and boiled chicken water, remove lumps. I used about a 1:6 ratio of rice to liquid? I dunno…I like it thick
On medium/low heat, stir occasionally – this is at about one hour, stir for two…
Took egg out to make it room temp then put it in a bowl with the day’s allocated frozen veg microwaved
Add salt to taste then put congee in bowl – combine with other ingredients

Unfortunately the egg didn’t cook as fast/much as I was hoping so its more yellow. It tasted surprisingly good. Congee is such a nice comfort food 🙂

I’ve been learning a bit about self-control and temptation. So many times during the day I’ve inadvertently thought about having some ice-cream from the fridge, chocolate that’s in the pantry, or a nice cup of tea. The way I’ve been dealing with it is that:

  • I’ve been learning to ‘bounce’ my thoughts off to other things and not dwell on it
  • Distract myself by watching a drama, doing some work, listening to music, washing up etc.
  • Tackle that hunger by say, replacing with something else: eating my apple if it is near morning/afternoon tea time (which is much healthier anyways and actually satisfying)

Which I suppose can all be applied to sin as well. We can ‘bounce’ our thoughts on tempting things, or putting myself out of the situation by doing something else, and trying to address my need in an actual satisfying and fulfilling way by prayer.

Hmm feel hunger pangs coming on, will sleep soon to avoid it! Thanks for the support so far from everyone – much appreciated and helps me to keep persevering!

Published by gracelung

I'm passionate about helping ABC's integrate faith with our ethnic identity as well as developing ethnic / culturally aware churches.

2 thoughts on “LBL Day 3

  1. Haha I know what you mean and this is just day 1 for me D:

    Me and my friend was tempted to use our spare chance for a 30c come from maccars haha

    1. you guys haven’t picked up your salt yet have you?
      Haha yeah we are thinking of using it for 2 cones at Macca’s tomorrow night since we have about 70c left 🙂

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