Christians in Media – Taiwan and Wrap Up

Christianity is pretty big all over Asia which includes Taiwan. Admittedly, I haven’t kept up with Taiwan pop culture for a few years now so feel free to share about other Christians operating in Taiwan!

Vanness Wu (吳建豪)

Of course many of you know him as a member of the popular boy band F4 or from Meteor Garden. Haha. He’s still going pretty strong in Taiwanese media, still starring in dramas and producing music. In these videos, Vanness particularly shares the lack of peace he felt and his cry for God. He also talks about his vow to give up sex until he is married.

“F4 was great…I was very blessed with it. But also at the same time you know, the enemy was trying to do very damaging things in my life. As much as I was happy, I was still empty, I was still lonely, and I was just trying to find everything to um…make my life fulfilled. Everything that came with fame, the money, the girls, all that…I realised that it still left me wanting more” (interview at CHC)


Faye and Real from F.I.R

I love F.I.R! Their songs are SO good!! Anyways, my understanding is the Faye was already a Christian. He eventually became a Christian. After he became a Christian they decided that they would practice abstinence until marriage.

Although their concert-like appearance at City Harvest Church might raise some eyebrows (Jayesslee has done it too, put it that way), perhaps we can just listen to what they have to say about their faith (sorry, its in Mandarin). They talk about how their faith has made a difference in their lives, and the importance of praying before performances…

“Both Faye and I are cell-group leaders in church today and we have started bringing our friends to Christ. We believe that in addition to our stage personas, off the stage, we can help a lot of young people.

Who says artistes can’t be discipled or disciple others?”


Blackie (and Christine) Chen “黑人” 陳建州

Blackie is a popular TV show host/presenter dude. I just remember seeing him on a lot of Taiwan variety shows. He’s pretty dark skinned, hence the name. In this article, he talks about his faith:

““I really love the Lord! What I regret the most is that I didn’t come to know the Lord earlier! Faith completely changed my values. Now, I am not afraid to face anything, because I know that there is a God who really loves me” (translation)

They are both founded a charity ‘Love Life’.

Will Liu 劉畊宏

Because we’re talking about Taiwan, I thought I should mention Will Liu (劉畊宏), although I don’t really know much about him (apparently he was the bad guy in ‘Kung Fu Dunk’ and a pretty established singer). He seems to be a pretty major player in the Taiwan Christian scene and behind Faye, Real, Blackie and Christine as well as other people like A-mei and Jay Chou.

To wrap up, I finally want to mention Jaeson Ma. I’m not sure where to put him since he’s the pastor behind many of the faces you saw in this series. He’s an Asian American hip-hop musician/pastor who ministers to pre-dominantely those in the Asian pop-culture/media. He’s the guy that was there for Vanness when he was crying out. He was also the guy that was there and prayed with Edison Chen to become a Christian. You’ll see that Siwon Choi, MC Jin call themselves ‘Soldiers of Light‘. He’s like the mentor to these Christians. You may not agree with him on everything, but no doubt that this guy is being used by God to have an impact in these peoples lives and consequently to all who look up to them as role models.

I guess I started this series as an excuse to indulge my faith with one of my hobbies. Admittedly, I was kinda happy to think that I could see these people in heaven if I could never meet them on earth. But of course, that experience will just pale into insignificance in comparison to meeting Jesus face to face!!! In the end though I guess the people I’ve mentioned are just normal Christians. Who struggle with money, wealth, sex, depression all in the spotlight but long to live their lives honouring God.

Have a look at my previous posts of this series. Thanks for reading!

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Note: I really tried to do one for Japan but during the course of my research I really couldn’t find much 😐

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