Christians in Media – Taiwan and Wrap Up

Christianity is pretty big all over Asia which includes Taiwan. Admittedly, I haven’t kept up with Taiwan pop culture for a few years now so feel free to share about other Christians operating in Taiwan! Vanness Wu (吳建豪) Of course many of you know him as a member of the popular boy band F4 orContinue reading “Christians in Media – Taiwan and Wrap Up”

Christians in Media – Hong Kong

It’s so amazing to see how big Christianity in Hong Kong. Because of ministries like Media Evangelism Ltd 《影音使團》, there are lots of Christian movies with Christian and non-believing actors in them, and many personal interview/testimonies produced. They have the HK Artistes Christian Fellowship. The popular “Yeah Show” even comes to Australia’s major cities. ApparentlyContinue reading “Christians in Media – Hong Kong”

Christians in Media – Asian American and Australian

EDIT 20/3/13: My husband emailed Jin sometime back and he was so super kind to email back! Here’s an small excerpt from the email. “Thank you for taking the time to send over the thoughtful and encouraging message. I appreciate it.    Please send my love and blessings to Grace as well. May The Lord’sContinue reading “Christians in Media – Asian American and Australian”

Christians in Media – Korea

So its holidays and I’m starting a series more based on my interest in Asian pop-culture. I admit it is partially an excuse to indulge in my interest in it 😛 As Christians, although we are forgiven and have the Spirit, it is still difficult to live boldly and be great witnesses for Christ inContinue reading “Christians in Media – Korea”