LBL12 Day 1

Day 1 of LBL, and Church Picnic Day. Awesome.

In QLD, its Labour Day today, so we had a Church Picnic. After breakfast of sweet potato (me), oats (chris), we packed for our picnic lunch. I cut carrot sticks, boiled eggs, prepared frozen vegies and we boiled rice. We also packed water and apples. Our morn/arvo tea and lunch for the day.

Carrots and the dip that could have made them so much better
boiling eggs thanks 奶奶 for the eggtimer

Since its Autumn, the mornings are cold but the days are fairly warm. Brisbane weather is so nice 🙂 It’s so nice to drive in the sunshine with our chillax music. The park of course was swarming with people and kids. A good day to get some reading done! Here’s one of the books I’m reading right now. For ‘personal development’ (as opposed to leisure) I guess but really good reads so far its pretty much like reading for leisure! I like my job 🙂

For anyone involved with some form of counseling ministry at church

It was all easy until it was lunch time and all the aunties put all their food together. Man I couldn’t bear to watch. I spied curry fish balls, noodles, wings – lots of delicious food. One auntie suggested maybe we start our LBL tomorrow. I sat next to the BBQ to soak in the smell of meat. Maybe it would help me think I’m eating it.

What everyone else got to eat

Of course asian picnics aren’t complete with dessert – apparently they even had red bean soup!

Tofu Pudding 豆花
What we got to eat

Buttered frozen veg, plain rice and runny egg. Not bad actually. Oh well. After we got home I temporarily forgot and was thinking about going to get some chocolate and chips. Settled with the apple instead.

My body is feeling pretty rundown, usually I’d pop in an Echinacea tablet but I’ll see if I can last the week since someone living like this probably wouldn’t have the option…

Tonight I’m excited since we’re going to have chicken!

This year, LBL is supporting PNG, the poorest country in the APAC region. Please support the alleviation of extreme poverty by donating! to make it tax deductible there is a checkbox:

For info on where the $$ goes:

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