Guilt, AA Ministry & Grace (Pt 3)

This small discussion on Guilt and Grace has particularly resonated with me as an Asian Australian. I think its really crucial when we’re ministering not only in our churches, but particularly Asian Australian churches (see the previous posts here and here). There are a couple of reasons: 1. Most of us in these Asian AustralianContinue reading “Guilt, AA Ministry & Grace (Pt 3)”

Guilt, Ministry, & Grace (Pt 2)

So we don’t want people to feel guilty at church – does that mean we don’t ask them to do anything or not rebuke them for laziness? How can we encourage people to grow and serve without inducing guilt and without going back to rely on their own strength? How can people have real thankfulnessContinue reading “Guilt, Ministry, & Grace (Pt 2)”

FWP, Guilt and Ministry

I’m noticing a lot of ‘First World Problem’ kinds of videos and media lately. There’s the ‘First World Problems Anthem’  where Haitians are reading out people’s First World Problems and recently Ryan Niga also put one together. What I particularly noted was the way it motivates people to change. What’s undeniable is that yes, thereContinue reading “FWP, Guilt and Ministry”