Travelling While Pregnant in Korea: Part 2

As I talked about in my last post, we recently got back from Korea where I traveled while in my 2nd trimester. Here is my personal perspective as a pregnant person of some of the things to do in Korea and hopefully some helpful tips on making your trip as comfortable as possible! Lotte WorldContinue reading “Travelling While Pregnant in Korea: Part 2”

Travelling While Pregnant in Korea

So we just got back from South Korea and had an antenatal appointment – things are all good and clear! I thought I might write up what its like travelling whilst pregnant for those who are considering it. My GP and midwife gave me the all clear, and I was very low risk, so weContinue reading “Travelling While Pregnant in Korea”

Christians in Media – Korea

So its holidays and I’m starting a series more based on my interest in Asian pop-culture. I admit it is partially an excuse to indulge in my interest in it 😛 As Christians, although we are forgiven and have the Spirit, it is still difficult to live boldly and be great witnesses for Christ inContinue reading “Christians in Media – Korea”

How come Koreans seem so Korean?

I recently went to a Korean wedding and noticed that Korean-Australian churches seem to be really different to Chinese-Australian churches. At this Western style wedding there was a lot of young people and people around my age. They conducted the entire wedding in Korean and there were a number of interesting Korean elements to theContinue reading “How come Koreans seem so Korean?”